The Process of Creating the First Collection of Linen Fabrics.

In 2022 and 2023, I embarked on my first venture into creating a collection of linen textiles, showcasing my exclusive pattern designs. As we step into 2024, I am excited to present my latest project – a linen fabrics collection featuring four pattern designs: Flowering, Wood-Sorrel, Bindweed, and Hydrangea.

Each creation unfolds a unique narrative, with pattern designs meticulously hand-painted using watercolors in my studio, and then digitally printed onto a beige linen fabric, expertly woven with threads in ivory and natural hues. My aim was to curate a linen fabrics collection seamlessly blending the high-quality artistic value of hand-painted pattern designs with the understated elegance of natural linen fabric.

This collection is intended to bring a touch of nature into interior spaces. The premiere is on the horizon – a linen textiles collection crafted from these linen fabrics. Before these new products grace the shelves of my store, I invite you to join me behind the scenes, offering insights into the process of creating this collection.

Flowering Pattern Design

Introducing the first pattern design from my linen fabrics collection: “Flowering.” This hero pattern design is a celebration of the untamed beauty of my homeland, capturing the essence of various flowering plants in a loose composition. The simple shapes within this palette range from vibrant yellows, reds, and purples to calming blues and shades of green.

For this pattern, I carefully selected a medley of flowering plants, including Meadow Crane’s-bill, Brown Knapweed, Harebell, Yarrow, Red Clover, Germander Speedwell, Cerastium Holosteoides, and Cuckoo Flower. Each of these species holds a unique story, reflecting my personal connection to nature.

The linen fabric, expertly woven using threads in ivory and natural hues, takes on a soothing beige tone. This serves as the perfect canvas for hand-painted illustrations of flowering plants. The outcome is a gentle and translucent effect, where lighter threads subtly peek through, enhancing the fabric design with added depth.

The watercolor illustration of the “Flowering” pattern design accentuates the contrast between well-defined flower stems and details. Subtle color gradients delicately grace the petals and leaves, introducing a layer of depth and nuance to the overall aesthetic. These thoughtful choices play a pivotal role in defining the character of the “Flowering” pattern design.

Wood-Sorrel Pattern Design

Presenting the second pattern design within my linen fabric collection: Wood-Sorrel. In this creation, I aimed to capture the details of this flowering plant from a unique aerial perspective. 

A deep green background establishes a striking contrast, enhancing the distinct shapes of the plant. Using watercolor techniques, I’ve successfully attained a color gradient on the leaves, achieving an extra layer of subtlety and depth to the pattern design.

Bindweed Pattern Design

Now, let’s delve into another story and a presentation of a “Bindweed” pattern design. This nostalgic ode to my childhood is reminiscent of the enchanting plant that grew over various fences in my grandmother’s yard. 

I can still vividly recall the delicate petals, imprinted with my fingerprints, urging me to handle them with gentle reverence. Untangling those seemingly fragile threads required patience, revealing the surprising strength of these enduring plants.

I’m personally captivated by the result of printing pink and green on this exquisite beige linen fabric. The color interplay is merely splendid. Moreover, the details painted in the darker shades of pink and green infuse a delightful depth into the fabric, creating a beautiful visual texture.

Hydrangea Pattern Design

Moving on to the final pattern design from my latest collection: Hydrangea. While it may be the simplest, it holds a special place in my creative vision, seamlessly blending my artistic imagination with the essence of hydrangea.

The elements of the plant swirl and dance gracefully with each other, creating a captivating composition presented in a color palette adorned with rich hues of brick orange and forest green, complemented by a subtle grayscale.

In the gentle whispers of nature, stories are told, and my pattern designs bring these stories to life in this linen fabrics collection. Click here to explore my shop to discover samples of these linen fabrics and select the ones that resonate with your vision, whether for a sewing project or to adorn and enhance your interior space.

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Merely Susan