I am Zuzanna - the founder of the Merely Susan

About me

My name is Zuzanna. I am a nature painting enthusiast, pattern designer and owner of the Merely Susan brand, which I founded in 2016 to share my creative ideas with others.

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. Currently, I live and work as an architect in Warsaw, Poland, where I manage my own interior design studio – Zuzanna Studio.

In my work I mostly present flowers, plants and beautiful landscapes. I am inspired by interesting color and texture combinations. My works are characterized by subtle aesthetics, delicate colors and a strong connection to nature.

I believe that by being involved in the process and taking care of every detail, you can create items that not only matter, but can also stand the test of time.

My process

Every new design idea starts in my sketchbook. For me, the creative process is more than just painting random elements or creating a visually attractive composition.

I don’t follow trends. Through carefully selected colors, thoughtful compositions and elements refined in detail, I strive to convey my personal delights and tell my own stories.

I create my works by hand, primarily using watercolor paints, gouache, pastels, or ink. Subsequently, the scanned images undergo only necessary digital processing.

With digital printing technology, I can transfer my designs onto various materials, such as paper or fabric, while preserving the essence of the manual process. This allows me to showcase subtle changes in shades and the marks left by the tools I use.

I believe that the imperfections resulting from manual work imbue art prints as well as fabrics and products with print of my pattern designs with a delicate narrative about the creative process.

I always striving for precision in my work. Before introducing new fabrics for sale, I always order samples and evaluate the effect of my work. I also create prototypes to consider all the details of my products.

The finished fabric is the result of many months of work to make a project that looks good both on my computer screen and on the material it is intended for.

Creating a collection of art prints typically takes a few weeks. On the other hand, the process of crafting a collection of textiles, from designing patterns for fabrics to conducting photo sessions of finished products, can take up to a year.

However, I believe that by being involved in the process and taking care of every detail, you can create items that not only matter, but can also stand the test of time.

I strive to inspire my clients to choose products that have high artistic and craft value.

Art prints

In my shop, I offer art prints of my drawings and paintings. I collaborate with a local company specializing  in pigment printing technology on high-quality archival papers.


I work with manufacturers from Poland who specialize in their craft to locally produce fabrics with digital print of my hand-painted pattern designs.

In my projects, I prioritize natural materials, such as organic cotton and linen. I carefully select high-quality fabrics that are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

By utilizing modern technologies, such as digital printing with non-toxic water-based inks certified by GOTS 6.0 and OEKO-TEX® 100, I am able to produce fabrics that are safe for our health and the environment.