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In my small studio I create fabrics, textiles and other carefully made products with calm aesthetics

About Merely Susan

About me

Hi, this is Susanna. At work, I combine my passion for watercolors, crafts and interior styling with flax and flowers. In 2016, I set up my own studio to be able to create and share it with others on a daily basis.

I like to tell stories that appear inside our interiors, along with beautiful things. I create watercolors and textiles with prints of my pattern designs. Merely Susan textiles are created in collaboration with local artisans.


I make sure that Merely Susan products are carefully made of high-quality, natural materials so that they can last for a long time. I focus on calm aesthetics – a subtle palette of colors and motifs inspired by nature, as well as timeless designs with deep narration.

I choose fabrics, i.e. linen, which with time soften and take on character, and the traces of use become a beautiful element of their history. I work with local artisans and fabric producers who, just as much as I do, want to create products that care for the environment.


My clients are conscious recipients who know that luxury means commitment to the process, honesty of the material and timeless design. They choose the simple life – doing what really matters and appreciating the daily rituals.

They are sewing enthusiasts and lovers of vintage clothing. These are people who like to style the space they live in and appreciate comfortable, well-designed interiors. They like to surround themselves with items with a beautiful history and process features that are made in small craft studios or that are created by artists.

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On the blog, I share stories that come along with things and inspiration for a simple life


In the podcast, I talk about simple life, interior styling and running your own business


On Instagram, I share my journey and my thoughts on a simple and beautiful life.

My clients know that luxury means commitment to the process

My clients love beautiful things made by artists and craftsmen. They choose products with a beautiful history and process features. They are conscious recipients who know that luxury means commitment to the process, honesty of the material and timeless design. See pattern designs that were created in my studio and finished products with digital print.

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