Hello from Susan, Founder of Merely Susan.

Hello, I’m Susan, the founder of Merely Susan—an artistic studio based in Poland, dedicated to crafting art prints and textiles, where each creation narrates a unique story. Here, I invite you to join in celebrating the fusion of art, design, nature, and the unhurried rhythms of a life well-lived.

Founded in 2016, Merely Susan is a manifestation of my profound love for crafting beautiful things and enthusiasm to share this journey with others. Here’s to discovering beauty in the small details and the joy found in engaging with the creative process.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s captivating shapes, colors, and textures, my work is an embodiment of a quiet aesthetic. These paintings and patterns are more than visual compositions—they tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate the beauty of nature.

Nature has always been my refuge, echoing in my creations—from childhood escapes in blooming meadows to serene walks in the forest. This connection isn’t just thematic; it guides my design philosophy and approach to life.

For me, the art of living well encompasses thoughtful and meaningful design, conscious choices, embracing “less but better,” and a slower pace. It’s also about respecting nature and fostering openness to others.

A thoughtful and meaningful approach to design is primarily about engagement in the creative process, ensuring each project receives the right amount of time to work on every small detail.

Conscious choices is a commitment to sustainable production, emphasizing natural materials and eco-friendly technologies. It’s opting for what’s more natural wherever possible.

In embracing “less is more,” I prioritize quality over quantity, leading to fewer collections released. I also urge clients to choose products that transcend trends, offering enduring value of artistic and craft products.

In a world driven by instant gratification, I emphasize a slow and thoughtful process. My primary objective is to provide meaningful creations embodying both high artistic and craft value, rooted in genuine human connection.

My passion extends to fostering a community of like-minded creators who share a love for authentically crafted items. Through Merely Susan, I seek to forge connections—with myself, with others, and with the harmonious rhythms of nature.

At the heart of it all are creativity and sensitivity—forces shaping not only my designs, but also the emotions woven into each object’s story. Join me on this journey where art, design, nature, the unhurried rhythms of a well-lived life, and meaningful connections converge.

In my journal, you’ll not only glimpse behind the scenes of my studio and discover the narratives woven into my projects but also gain insights into my approach to the creative process, design, and production.

This space will delve into my reflections on harmonizing my commitment to the work I love with the constant search for balance, a pursuit that often escapes me in my daily life.

If you’ve found resonance in this narrative, share your thoughts with me. Drop a short message to my email or DM me on Instagram. I’m curious about what brought you here and eager to hear your reflections on my work.

Merely Susan