My Services

I am a designer who can combine beauty with functionality – design a pattern or finished product like fabric as well as plan production

I hand-paint all the patterns in real-scale with watercolor and gouache. I focus on designing quiet pattern – with elegant and timeless aesthetics, as well as color palettes rooted in nature.

My offer

I can create a pattern design or collection for your brand, design a finished product, i.e. fabric or textiles, and help you create an interior that fits your everyday life. I am open to interesting projects and challenges.

I also work with stores that want to distribute my products – fabrics, textiles or artprints. Just write me a message and I will tell you more about the terms of cooperation and prepare a personalized offer for your brand.

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Hi, it's Susanna - a designer who is passionate about slowly hand-painted patterns

I don’t design for trends and seasons. For me, thoughtful design is a slow process and commitment to create products that can delight for a long time as well as stand the test of time. The material that works best for me is linen fabric.

I open to cooperation with your brand!

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