About my process

My pattern designs are hand painted with watercolor or gouache. They are created in real scale with the minimum necessary digital processing. This means that the printed materials are left with a trace of the artisanal and handcrafted method of their creation.

I appreciate the color palettes rooted in nature, which are for me not only beautiful, but also timeless, as well as natural materials that respond with ease and elegance to the needs of modern life, i.e., linen fabrics. 

For me, a thoughtful approach to design is something more than the desire to create visually attractive products. A good project is a combination of a feeling of personal satisfaction with a thoughtful design concept and customer needs. These are considered choices that allow designs and products to stand the test of time.





Pattern designs

I work with brands that want to create collections with my paintings or patterns. I offer exclusive projects and license for my ready-made designs.


I offer wholesale of my printed linen and cotton fabrics. My clients are companies that offer women's clothing, children's textiles and interior decorations.


My prints, fabrics and textiles can be found on the shelves in your store. I offer wholesale and commission of products.