Process: How I design patterns for fabrics

Date: 18/07/2023

I started my journey in pattern design in 2016. For the first few years of running my own business, I collaborated with business clients, creating pattern designs for various products.

This allowed me to gain knowledge and valuable experience, but in 2020 I made the decision to focus on creating my own collections of products that aligned with my aesthetics and values.

I wanted to create timeless pattern designs and produce more thoughtfully and sustainably made products that would be sold in my shop for longer than just one season.

I also aimed to change the business model that had primarily focused on working with companies to build more personal and meaningful relationships with private customers.

Through this, I wanted to offer products backed by someone who loves what they do and invests the necessary time and commitment to create something truly exceptional.

In this article, I want to share with you my approach to pattern design. I will walk you through my step-by-step process – from the idea to the product available for purchase in my shop.


My process of designing patterns for fabrics

Let’s start with the fact that every new idea for a pattern design begins in my sketchbook. For me, my pattern designs are something more than just visually attractive compositions. Creating them is the way to tell stories as well as share various emotions and delights of simple everyday life.

My pattern designs are originally handmade, usually using watercolor paints. This is my favorite technique and one that I have been learning for over 10 years to this day. Sometimes experimenting with other techniques such as gouache or ink, allowing me to create more diverse collections.

Scans of my hand-painted illustrations undergo only necessary digital adjustments. I like it when there are imperfections in my patterns that are the result of creating them with my own hands.

Modern technologies, like digital printing, allow me to transfer my pattern designs onto various materials like fabrics, while preserving the expression of the handmade process, such as subtle shade transitions and traces of the tools I use.

I celebrate the slow process. The right amount of time allows me to create thoughtful ideas, detailed paintings, carefully made graphic designs ready for high-quality printing and products that can stand the test of time.

I also strive to work with as much precision as possible. Before introducing new fabrics for sale, I always order samples to evaluate and adjust the results of my work.

I create prototypes of my products such as art prints and textiles to carefully refine all the details. Only then can I be sure that I did my best and achieved the best results that I can.

We live in a world where graphic designs can be generated in a second, and on demand products can be delivered even the next day. This is why I believe that a thoughtful process matters more than ever before. Our commitment and care allows us to create projects that have meaning and can last.



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