Practicing Gratitude for the Journey

By Merely Susan

Merey Susan brand flourished slowly from passion for watercolor painting, pattern design and sharing the soothing joy of the creative process. Since 2015 I have practised painting, because it allows me to have a restful contact with myself and with nature. In 2016, I founded Merely Susan company, started to develop my skills in designing patterns, as well as learning how to run my own creative business.


My goal is not to follow trends, but rather to create timeless designs – pattern that can introduce a calm atmosphere to the interior, give the surface an interesting texture or enrich the product with a deeper narrative. I believe that each pattern can be an inspiring story which can evoking warm memories or introducing a unique atmosphere in the interior. I share these stories with my hand-painted illustrations and carefully selected colors through pattern, fabric and textile collections.


„Designing patterns is the right format for me, it’s simply my favourite canvas.”


One day a linen fabric came into my hands. The experience of this material and the absolute passion for it made fabrics become my new canvas. I implemented a long process to create unique fabrics for sewing enthusiasts who want to invite my designs to their work spaces. I can say that since then Merely Susan brand specializes in printed natural fabrics as well as delicate patterns in a muted color palette inspired by organic forms straight from nature.


In the meantime, my passion for a more thoughtful approach to homemaking as well as the thought of creating home textiles began to sprout. Concepts kept popping up in my studio until the first collection of hand-sewn cushions was finally created. I appreciate that textiles can help create a calm atmosphere in our home, enriching interiors with interesting patterns and textures, as well as soothe our senses. My soul is fed when I know that my brand can share products, which enrich our everyday life so much.


I believe that my pattern designs, carefully designed textiles and thoughtful products are something more than a pleasant aesthetic, but also beautiful stories that come to our home space. I’ve always seen a unique kind of beauty in handmade objects that stems from the idiosyncrasies inherent in the hand making process. The emotions associated with them make them irreplaceable elements of our everyday life. We want them to stay with us for a long time, not just for one season.


„I believe that our space have the ability to enhance the way we live.”


Since I am graduating in Architecture, I also started my long-awaited career path as an interior designer. I want my brand’s mission to be to encourage more attentive and conscious life, and to help my clients create a comfortable home that will enable them to do so.


I prefer neutral spaces, which encourage the contact with nature, can soothe the senses and restore the feeling of peace. Furthermore, I think that it is important to create sensual home space, which focuses not only on appearance but also on the experience of space, rooting us in the present moment and encouraging us to live more mindfully.


I believe that our home space can not only represent our personality or aesthetics, but also, or above all, can support the direction in which we want to develop. I believe that a well-designed home space is comfortable, supports our everyday life as well as can help to calm down and nourish our soul. I love to think this way and share this idea with my clients.


Although my soul is well-fed and allows me to design better and better things, I recognize the value within the process rather than focusing on outcome alone. I sincerely believe that success is a process of continuous change without an endpoint. For this reason, I decided to run a slow business and grow organically. I love running a small-scale craft workshops, which allows me to consider each project and carefully made my products.


„To me, luxury is more about how we feel as well as something connected to time poured into.”


All the time, pattern designs and printed fabric are created with passion in my studio for my beloved clients. As a development area, I am working on new textile collections. After hours, I practice painting, and from time to time I share framed art prints collections. I am also learning how to design interiors and I believe that someday I will be able to do it for my clients. Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing this next chapter of my journey with you very soon.









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