Fabric design, Pattern designs

Tatra Flowers Collection


Tatra Flowers is a collection of pattern designs for linen and cotton fabrics, which was created in my studio in 2020.

I found inspiration for this collection in herbariums from the 20th century, which I found in an antiquarian bookstore. I wanted to create delicate and harmonious, but also dynamic compositions that would emphasize the strength hidden in the inconspicuous vegetation of the Tatra Mountains.

The collection consists of three designs – Tatra Flowers, Bittercress and Cuckoo Flowers. The patterns were painted with watercolor paints. The color palette is dominated by cool colors – shades of white, pink, blue, green and gray. I broke the strict color palette by adding warm shades of orange, red and brown.

“The collection is a story about the flora of the Tatra Mountains, hidden in flowers such as buttercups, pasque-flowers, bittercress and alpine poppies which were painted with watercolor paints. "
Susan | Designer