Fabric design, Pattern designs

Textiles Collection

The collection of pattern designs for linen decorative fabrics intended for sewing home textiles was created in my studio in 2021.

The collection is a combination of three techniques – watercolor paints, gouache and ink which were used to create four pattern designs: Climbing Plants, Field Flowers, Flowers and Small Leaves. 

The first pattern (Climbing Plants) is an organic composition of climbing flowers, painted with watercolor paints. The second pattern (Field Flowers) is an attempt to work with a new technique – ink. The graphic representation of the contours of the wildflowers allowed me to create organic lines and create a very personal pattern design where every movement of my hand is visible. The last two, which in my opinion are simple and timeless, were painted in gouache.

“I like when the pattern designs do not overwhelm or dominate, especially when they are intended for interior decorations, so I tried to create harmonious compositions inspired by nature."
Zuzanna | Projektantka

I believe that despite the fact that beautiful patterns are only an addition to a product, they can enrich it with a deeper narrative and make it an indispensable element of our everyday life.

I focused on a considered process so that beautiful stories could be woven into the subtle structures of all pattern designs. 

On the one hand, these stories are hidden in carefully painted floral elements and thoughtful compositions. On the other, they come directly from my studio – they are the result of a careful process and imperfections resulting from working with your own hands.