How-to: How to care for linen fabrics and textiles

Date: 15/05/2023

Linen is a durable and noble material that effortlessly and elegantly meets the needs of modern living. What I appreciate about linen fabrics is that they become softer over time and therefore more comfortable with each wash.

In my opinion, the traces of wear that appear on products made of linen fabric can be seen as part of its unique history, adding character rather than being a reason to throw it away. The beauty of linen is in its simplicity, and this makes it my favorite material to work with.

Linen fabrics with digital prints, along with the products made from them, can maintain their longevity if properly cared for. Choosing a suitable, gentle laundry detergent and a delicate fabric washing program is key to keeping them in good condition. I have prepared a few useful tips for you.


Laundering instructions for linen fabrics and textiles

Although linen has high resistance to abrasion, it is best to wash it as gently as possible. Many detergents available on the market contain optical brighteners. They are not suitable for washing printed fabrics as they may cause discoloration. Avoid detergents that contain phosphates as well. Instead, opt for natural soap or biodegradable laundry detergent.

Before laundering, ensure that you fully unfold the fabric. It is advisable to wash products with similar colors together (especially light-colored ones). Select a delicate fabric washing program, such as for wool and cashmere. Set the temperature not more than 40°C and use a spin speed of 400 revolutions per minute. If you use a tumble dryer, set it to a low speed and remove it while it is still slightly damp.

Whenever possible, air dry the linen. However, it is important to remember not to overdry linen fabrics or twist them while they are wet to prevent damage. Be cautious of direct sunlight, especially when drying digitally printed linen fabrics, because it may lead to fading of the fabric’s print. When ironing linen fabrics, ensure that the temperature does not exceed 200°C.



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