Designs: The most important pattern project I have created

Date: 26/09/2023

Flower Bouquet is a significant project on my creative journey. It was created in 2019 – just after I returned from Stockholm. As you can guess, it was not an ordinary tourist trip for me.

I went to this city for Stockholm Design Week. As usual, when going to a new city, I had a whole list of places to visit – including fabric stores, showrooms, places with books for designers and various other places for weirdos, like me.

What’s most important to me about this project is that I think it was the first good pattern design I did. I don’t know if you sometimes have moments when it suddenly becomes clear to you how something should be done.

For me, it was like that when I came back from Stockholm. I simply understood how to design patterns for fabrics. My approach has changed significantly after returning from that trip, so I consider it life-changing.

In the following years, I created many patterns exploring my thoughts from those few days in Stockholm. And I think it’s generally an advantage of my way of thinking that sometimes various wonderful conclusions and ideas appear in my head when I don’t even expect it.

Flower Bouquet is a pattern design for which I found inspiration in a really charming place in Stockholm – Rosendals Trädgård. As a person delighted with plants and flowers, I spent almost the entire day there.

It was enough to observe two simple white flowers in combination to come up with an idea for the composition of the pattern design. I wanted it to be organic as well as dynamic. The perfect color palette includes shades of yellow, green, and gray.

Printed fabrics with this pattern design are still available in my online shop. What’s more, they are often chosen and highly appreciated. In my opinion, it is related to my emotional layer and the unique history that is associated with it.

I love that I still like this pattern design after all these years. Even if I could make it better today or can change something. It will definitely always be an important part of my collection.



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