Collection of pattern designs for linen textiles

By Merely Susan

Each new collection in my studio is rather an attempt to create timeless designs. Instead of following the trends, I bet on patterns that are carriers of beautiful stories, so that they can enrich the product or the surface on which they are designed, i.e. the fabric, into a deeper narrative.

I like telling stories that evoke warm memories and can introduce a soothing, calming atmosphere to the interior. In my pattern designs, these stories are hidden in hand-painted illustrations and harmonious, nature-rooted color palettes.

In this article, I want to tell you about one of them. I invite you behind the scenes of my studio to find out what it was like to work on the following patterns: Climbing Plants, Field Flowers, Flowers and Leaves and preparations for the first collection of linen textiles.


Pattern design process


I started working on a collection of patterns for linen textiles in early autumn in 2021. Despite the fact that the design process brought many challenges and the first results will be visible in early 2022, I feel that this is one of the most valuable projects in my portfolio, and also, that I learned a lot of.

At the design stage, I always focus on a careful and thoughtful process, so I spent the first few weeks collecting inspiration and creating a concept. I wanted not only to create interesting ideas for patterns, but also to learn more about the materials with which I would be working.


I started the design process by writing down this note:

Appreciate what cannot be obtained in mass production – imperfections resulting from high-quality craftsmanship. Celebrate what gives designs unique character, as well as the sincerity of the material and the simple and timeless design that will allow items to stand the test of time.


Due to the fact that I prefer the traditional artisanal technique of pattern design, all the patterns that I create in my studio are hand-painted on sheets of cotton paper. Due to the fact that the designs are made in real scale, the ready-made designs need only be scanned and prepared for printing.

The collection of patterns for linen textiles is a combination of three techniques – watercolor paints, gouache and ink. I like when the pattern designs do not overwhelm and dominate, especially if they are intended for interior decoration items, so I tried to create harmonious compositions from motifs inspired by nature.

Due to the careful design process, beautiful stories could be woven into the subtle structures of the patterns. On the one hand, these stories are hidden in carefully painted motifs and thoughtful compositions, and on the other, they come directly from my studio – they are the result of a careful process and imperfections resulting from working with your own hands.


Pattern designs for textiles


My first collection of patterns for linen textiles consists of four designs: Climbing Plants, Wildflowers, Flowers and Leaves. The first pattern with a very organic composition of climbing flowers was painted with watercolors. The second is an attempt to work with a new technique – ink. The graphic representation of the contours of the wildflowers allowed me to create organic lines and create a very personal pattern design where every movement of my hand is visible. The last two, very delicate and, in my opinion, classic patterns were painted with gouache.

Despite the fact that beautiful patterns are just an addition, I believe that they can enrich the product with a deeper narrative and make it an indispensable element of our everyday life. The stories introduced into the interior can help to create a soothing and calming atmosphere in the home space. My favorite pattern compositions are those that consist of tiny flower and plant motifs. I think that such a great desire to paint nature comes from the fact that it is close to my heart and will always be associated with warm memories from my life.


Collection of patterns for textiles


On the one hand, I can say that working on a new collection of patterns and products is a calm and orderly process, because I start collecting inspiration systematically a few weeks before starting work on a new project. On the other hand, I start the creative process when all inspirations are in the right place, and it is rather related to feelings – not a specific date written in the calendar.

I love the view of natural fabrics printed with my designs. In the beginning there is always a moment of excitement before I know if the print turned out as planned, and then enthusiasm when it turns out that everything is fine and once again I can share what I have created.

This process of creating and sharing soothing joy with others has accompanied me from the very beginning. I can say that it is the foundation on which I created my brand and on which I want to develop it further. I can’t wait to share another part of this story with you – this time about hand-sewn textiles. I am planning the premiere of the new linen textiles collection at the beginning of 2022. See you soon!

















The images show the pattern designs: Climbing Plants, Field Flowers, Little Flowers and Leaves from the first collection of pattern designs for linen textiles (Autumn/21). Our linen textiles are available for purchase in Merely Susan Store on Etsy.

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