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Back to the process

The idea to create a collection came when I began to feel that it was time for another stage in my Artist Path. I have created a collection that shows a bold step forward. The collection is a story about the work of a pattern designer and the process of creating surface pattern designs, which for me are like refined in details art.

Pattern designs

#1 Vintage Rose

#2 Jasmine

#3 Winter Mist
(coming soon)

I went back to the process to design collections in a modern vintage style

About The Process

For over five years, I’ve been creating objects with simple aesthetics, inspired by what is close to my heart. I am delighted to share my process, creativity and journey with my unique community.


The „Back to Process” collection is unique – it is the first step in the next stage of my beautiful, creative journey. It is the beginning of something new, but also a continuation of what I have learned over the years of working as an artist and designer.


It is not without reason that a lot of flowers appear in it, which remind me of a carefree childhood, my family home and can soothe my senses even on the most stressful day.


I found the inspiration to create a collection in nature. I worked with watercolors to create the delicate illustrations and motifs from which the pattern designs were created. The collection consists of refined in detail products for those who value beauty.


I hope you will find something beautiful for yourself or a little gift for a loved one. The new collection is beauty found in simple aesthetics to soothe your senses and add a pinch of magic to your everyday life.

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Hi! Here Zuzanna, Designer at Merely Susan

My dream was to work as a designer to be close to the arts and crafts. I create products with simple aesthetics that soothes our senses.

Running Merely Susan Studio allows me to do what I love every day - create and share it with others to inspire and give joy.

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