My Story

 I am a designer who is passionate about slowly hand-painted patterns, thoughtful approach to textile design and sensual interiors

I would like to thank everyone who supports my little studio as well as Polish companies and craftsmen with whom I work by shopping fabrics, textiles and other products made by us in Merely Susan shop.

About me

My name is Zuzanna. I am a Polish designer who have a small studio in the heart of the country, as well as a student of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Flowers (especially the native as well as small and wild ones) and nature are my main inspirations. My work is also influenced by the Arts and Craft movement, with William Morris in the center as well as Scandinavian design and Japanese art.

I like the artisanal creation process that helps me create thoughtful and refined in detail pattern designs. I hand-paint all the patterns in real-scale with watercolor and gouache. 

I focus on designing quiet pattern – with elegant and timeless aesthetics, as well as color palettes rooted in nature. I consciously choose natural materials that can soothe our senses. The material that works best for me is linen fabric.

I prefer organic growth of my business, so I focus on thoughtful process and considered project. I think it is important to document the process, so I am sharing my inspirations and ideas in my portfolio as well as on my blog.

Design process

I offer locally manufactured natural linen and cotton fabrics as well as home textiles for thoughtful approach to clothing and interior design. I work with Polish companies with tradition, which, like me, value quality and a sustainable way of production.

I don’t design for trends and seasons. For me, thoughtful design is a slow process, commitment to create products that can delight for a long time and stand the test of time.

Just like Wanda Telakowska, I believe that everyone should surround with beautiful, high-quality objects. I am interested in designing things with pleasant aesthetics that encourage a better everyday life.

I love the Scandinavian approach to design – the thoughts of Alvar Alto as well as contemporary designer Ilse Crawford. I think about the interiors as a blueprint for a way of life and I think it is worth designing with human needs at the center.

In line with my belief in the value of a more conscious approach to consumption, I am not following the path of seasonal sales. Sometimes I only offer discounts to subscribers to my mailing list to thank people who belong to my community.

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A few words about me

I like to paint, especially in the morning, when beautiful light fills my studio and I have a cup of my favourite coffee on the table. I like having fresh flowers and green tea with jasmine in my house. 

I enjoy being in nature. I value a thoughtful approach to decorating my home – I have few items, but consciously chosen. I especially like beautiful textiles that give warmth and ceramics that allow me to celebrate everyday life. 

I open to cooperation with your brand!

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