About me

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About me

My name is Zuzanna. I studied architecture at the University of Technology, so I work professionally as an interior designer. In 2016, I created my own brand to share the soothing joy of creating with my own hands. My studio offers pattern and product design services. I specialize in the production of fabrics with digital printing and linen textiles. 

It is important for me to work with people and for people – supporting their everyday life through art, thoughtful design and interiors that allow them to feel good in the space of their home. My brand mission is encouraging to choose sustainable made products from natural, certified and high-quality materials, as well as to show the value of a careful and thoughtful process.

I’ve always seen a unique type of beauty in handcrafted items – the one that comes from the peculiarities of the mindful process. Rather than following trends, I prefer to work on projects that have a strong history. I believe that this makes them unique and allows them to become indispensable elements of our everyday life – satisfies not only visual and functional but also emotional needs.

For me, luxury is something deeply connected with time. This is a thoughtful process that cannot be rushed to create a thoughtful design and be able to refine all the details. My pattern designs are hand painted with watercolor or gouache. They are created in real scale with the minimum necessary digital processing. This means that the printed materials are left with a trace of the artisanal and handcrafted method of their creation.

I appreciate the color palettes rooted in nature, which are for me not only beautiful, but also timeless, as well as natural materials that respond with ease and elegance to the needs of modern life, i.e., linen. For me, a thoughtful approach to design is something more than the desire to create visually attractive products. A good project is a combination of a feeling of personal satisfaction with a thoughtful design concept and customer needs. These are considered choices that allow designs and products to stand the test of time.

"For me, luxury is deeply connected with time. This is a thoughtful process that cannot be rushed."
Merely Susan