Welcome! I am Zuzanna, a pattern designer and enthusiast of projects that soothe the senses.

About me

I create elegant pattern design  – collections for fabrics for my shop and exclusive for companies.


I am interested in interior design and objects that can soothe our senses. I focus on delicate patterns with a motif of plants and flowers in subdued, earthy colors.


Instead of following trends, I want my designs to be timeless and classic. Thanks to this, they can serve and delight for a long time.


As a designer, I consciously choose high-quality, natural materials and environmentally friendly printing technologies. I am happy to cooperate with Polish craftsmen.


I try to create products locally to support Polish companies and show the value of high-quality craftsmanship in my community.


  • 2017 – 2021 – studies at the Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture
  • from 2016 – owner of the Merely Susan brand, illustrator and pattern designer, cooperation with Polish brands such as Mom For Baby, Lazy Sundays, Little Vintage, and Monika Kamińska as well as foreign companies such as CaseApp .